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DoodleCAD is an easy to learn, feature rich and inexpensive vector drawing and 2D CAD tool that gives Mac OS X users the tools they need to do illustrations, diagrams, and mechanical drawings like a pro at a very affordable price. DoodleCAD is designed to be both powerful and intuitive. You can create art for art's sake or scale blue prints of your house remodeling plans. You can even draft a full set of scaled and dimensioned views of that clever invention you've thought up. DoodleCAD has standard tools for making simple shapes and both complex curved and straight paths. Show the exact size and angle measurements of individual parts or line segments with ease. When you're done you can export to standard image formats including PNG, JPEG and PDF or copy just part of the drawing and paste it into other applications. Try DoodleCAD today! The trail version fully function except with the only limitations in its ability to print, copy or paste into other applications. Document ● Landscape/Portrait ● Page size from print setup ● Hierarchical view of objects ● Full drag rearrange of object ordering ● Multiple drawing layers ● Grid Lines & Snapping Drawing ● Rectangles, Round Rects and Ovals ● Regular Polygons ● Smooth or Discontinuous Freeform ● Lines Object Geometry ● Intuitive click-drag control of object position, size and rotation ● Keyboard entry of position, size and rotation for precise control ● Full control over line segment and vertex geometry ● Group/Ungroup Path Editing ● Full vertex level editing ● Full control of bezier path ● Can add and delete path points Stroke & Fill ● Full control over stroke color, weight, line style, join and endcap style ● Solid fill, linear & radial gradient fill, pattern fill and image fill ● Widgets for line tail and head including squares, circles and arrow heads Dimensioning ● Full control over dimension line position relative to object ● Object dimensions as well as line segment and vertex angle dimensions ● Document level control of dimension line weight, color, arrow head style and font ● Document scale ● Drawing origin can be set to anywhere ● Unit conversion from entered text to objects units Text ● Full text formatting ● Convert text to character shapes Export (only in paid app) ● JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF ● Export to any image resolution ● Export either the whole document or just selected objects ● Print This is a complete overhaul of the venerable DoodleCAD application that was introduced in 2005. DoodleCAD is intended for the user who wants to do basic drafting or illustration work but doesn’t need a full blown (expensive) CAD or illustration program. This free download provides unrestricted use of all application features except for print and export of images for use in other applications. If you like the app and need to print or export an image you can purchase the full app using an in-app purchase.