Dot to Tot ABC Pro

OS X 10.7
Dot to Tot is an entertaining alphabet learning educational game that can help your kid develop writing skills, spelling and understating of the abc with connecting alphabets. Create magical images with connecting the dots. ENTERTAINING LEARNING TOOL If you are looking for educational games for kids, this learning game is the perfect choice for your child. On this game, kids can have fun creating magical and fun images while learning. This dot game can improve the dexterity of your child's fingers, help him develop writing skills fast and easy. With playing this educational game, your child will learn all the alphabets in the right order while having fun connecting letters and creating images. CREATE FUN IMAGES AND SHAPES On this dot game kids can connect alphabets as dots for creating entertaining images and making fun shapes while developing writing skills. This educational game is quite simple for playing, especially created to help parents use the game as a learning tool that can help their kids learn the alphabet from A to Z in the right order, keeping them focused on learning without losing their attention. DIFFERENT IMAGES AND HINTS Every time your kid is playing this game, there is a level section of different images, keeping the child's excitement on a high level constantly. Also, the game offers a pre-recorded voice that teaches your child object names too. On this dot game, children are getting hints while playing which can help the child by connecting the dots in the right sequence. DOT TO TOT FEATURES - Improves the dexterity of your child's fingers - For developing pre-writing skills - Easy and fun learning tool - Improves concentration - Level section of different images and hints - Peppy voice teaches object names - Teaches alphabets and their order --------------------- Help your kid learn the alphabet in the right order while having fun creating magical images. Download it now on App Store.