OS X 10.5
**How long can you survive the Red Menace???** Get ready for one of the most addictive games on your Mac! Seriously! A new enemy is growing in strength… the Mainframe 'Lothos' is taking over vital subsystems and gradually becoming self aware! We need as much data as possible on this enemy! Pilot your .Matrixx Avatar within the mainframe, avoiding Red enemy data spheres while collecting Blue ones for more data! Powerups will aid you in your mission, turning the tables on the enemy, or allowing you to harvest even more data! Make no mistake. There's no way out of this alive. But will you prove to be the best hacker on the planet? Please check out the video here for a glimpse into this fantastically addictive game: says: "A lot of thought (and love) has gone into the controls, game mechanics and the overall feel of the game. Add in some unlockable graphic themes and music, achievements and online leaderboards and here's a game you will be coming back to again and again." Thank you! :D Features: *From the maker of 'Air Supply - 1bit Run' and 'Sunshine'! *Intuitive relative touch controls - just hold down the mouse button on-screen and move!! *Beautiful 'Tron' style graphics! *Game changing Powerups such as 'Repel Thingy' (it's the official term, ok?) and Smartbombs! *Unlockable new Avatars, background Grids and Music! *Unlockable achievements! *Five awesome music tracks by Amiga Agia including 'The Never Played Atari' and 'My Gameboy is better'! *Constantly shifting enemy movement patterns! *Additional (and invulnerable) enemies track you down the better you get! *Supremely addictive