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A Connect-The-Dots Game for the kids... and for yourself too! DotSketcher is a modern equivalent for the well-known Connect-the-Dots drawing game for children, where you make drawings by connecting a series of numbered dots. This classic puzzle game is not only a fun pass time, but it's also a creative and challenging educational game! DotSketcher extends on this with a lot of new and fun features, such as dot intervals, reversed order series, letter or word series, etc. A truly unique feature is DotSketcher's Design Mode, where you design your own sketches and store them in SketchBook documents. The number of sketches you can create is only limited by your own imagination! With DotSketcher, not only will your kids practice their knowledge of numbers and letters, but this game will also stimulate their imagination and cognitive skills! Main features include: - Sketch Mode and Design Mode - Inspector panel - SketchBook browser panel - Template and overlay image support - Print support - Full online help Free Sample SketchBooks are available on the DotSketcher web site!