Dotster 2

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The creators of Dotster present to you its addicting successor – Dotster 2! Connect the dots to make loops and capture other dots to gain power ups! New challenges and new power dots are now available. Unlock various tools such as hammers and undo’s by playing the daily missions. Dotster 2 is great for all ages because of its simple gameplay, but challenging levels. Different goals throughout the game require different strategies on your moves – sometimes the loops will be enough and sometimes they won’t. Think outside the loop! Popping bubbles, collecting special badges, and assembling loops is all fun but important to collecting stars. Unlock all three levels of difficulty to explore different power dots such as the “Pigment Bug” which hops around from dot to dot changing the color of the dots to its own. Can you unlock all three levels of difficulty? Did you make a mistake? You’re in luck if you unlocked an “undo”! Stuck with no relevant moves? Use the shuffle tool to shuffle the dots around! Got an auto power up? Some dots will turn to power dots at the beginning of the level! Download it now to experience the world of Dotster 2!