DragonKill3D – Free

OS X 10.6.6
DragonKill3D - Free ***Attention the game is very addictive*** "Slice and shoot real flying 3D dragons and dragon-eggs with your mouse-aim! Never let the flying dragons fly past you… they will burn and devour you. Be careful of the red dragon-eggs, you never know what's inside. Don't shoot the green dragon-eggs! Never let the red dragon-eggs swim away!" In this free version you can shoot 50 Dragons for free to test the game! ****GAMEPLAY**** The goal of the game is to shoot as many dragons as possible! First you start with a normal "SHOT-MODUS". Try to shoot dragons and dragon-eggs very quickly one by one to earn a lot of dragon-combos and get bonus points. If you are a very quick DragonKiller you are able to use the "SLICE SHOT MODUS". Be careful you will also loose the "SLICE SHOT MODUS" if you are still not quick enough. The best and fastest way to keep and get the "SLICE SHOT MODUS" is a "10-DRAGON-COMBO-BONUS". While playing the normal "SHOT-MODUS" you must hit the dragons one by one within 1 second to earn dragon-combos and bonus-points! While playing the normal "SLICE-SHOT-MODUS" you must hit the dragons one by one within 0,65 second to earn dragon-combos and bonus-points! ****GAME FEATURES**** - 2 different shot-modi "SHOT-MODUS" and "SLICE-SHOT-MODUS" - Earn up to 10xDragon Combos - Real good AIM functionality and grafic - Real 3D graphics and world - Real fire-breathing 3D dragons and splitting eggs - Artificial intelligence dragons -> getting more and more aggressively - Real physics if you hit dragons or eggs - Special Particle explosion effects - Fantastic creative sound effects Please follow the game infos on Twitter: http://twitter.com/unity_games Please fan the game for facebook on: http://www.dragonkill3d.com Have fun with DragonKiller3D - Free v1.1 and future versions.