Drawing Academy

OS X 10.11
Improve your drawing techniques with this collection of more than 800 drawing tutorial videos. All aspects of drawing are covered and beginners to advanced levels are all covered. Learn to draw many different things from cartoon characters to real life objects and learn about perspective and shading along the way. App features ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating ** Search by title or notes ** View by favourites or rating ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos Tutorials include: Drawing Fundamentals COMPOSITION Drawing Fundamentals PERSPECTIVE Drawing Fundamentals CONSTRUCTION How to Design OutfitsCostumes for your Comic Book and Cartoon Characters How to Draw People on Difficult Angles How to use Copic Markers what to get and where to start Crash Course Using Color in Digital Painting Photoshop Tutorial How to use Light and Shadow on faces - Photoshop painting tutorial How to Practice - Improve your Art Skills the Smart Way How to Draw FIGHTING WITH WEAPONS Dramatic Pose Tutorial How to Draw Animal Legs dogs cats horses bears etc How to Animate 3D transformations in Flash pseudo 3D Creating Stick Figures for Flash Animation ABRIDGED TUTORIAL How to Animate a Transformation How to Animate a Transformation - In depth Flash Animation Tutorial How to Animate a Bouncing Ball - Like a PRO How to Draw using Reference Images The Artists Guide to Copyright and IP How to Compose a Dramatic Scene - Angles Framing Asymmetry etc How to Animate Realistic Fire in Flash How to Draw a Succubus IDEAS How to Manage your Creative Ambitions How to Draw Zombies How to Draw Wallow from Bravest Warriors How to Draw Danny Chris from Bravest Warriors Drawing a Pin-up character - Special Guest Toonbox Studio How to Draw Wings How to Overcome CREATIVE BLOCK - A Different Perspective A Quick and Simple Guide to Drawing Feet A Quick and Simple Guide to Drawing Hands How to Draw the Muscles of the Leg - the Easy Way How to draw the Muscles of the Arm Simple Anatomy Tutorial How to Draw the Female Figure and Torso How to Draw the Male Figure and Torso Muscles How to draw the Human Figure - Body Construction tutorial Behind The Draw with Jazza Intro Download Included How to Animate Liquid - Tutorial Advanced Flash Animation - Made Simple Tutorial How to Make and Use an Animatic How to Make and Use Storyboards Advanced Photoshop Painting - Made Easy Tutorial How to Draw a Cartoon Face feat Choppa Establishing your Brand in todays Marketplace How to Paint a Mural - from Start to Finish How to Animate Cloth Keyframe Animation Tutorial Keyframe animation tutorial Motion tweaks and refinement Animating In-Betweens and Adding Color Keyframe Animation Tutorial How to Animate - Outlines for FBF keyframe animation Tutorial Pose to Pose Animation - Keyframes and Motion Breakdown Animating the face and body in a run cycle How to Draw Dynamic Expressions Working with Large Flash Files How to Organize your Files and Folders How to Animate Scene Transitions How to Draw a Character Turnaround How to use Depth of Field Focus Shifting How to Develop your own Style How to Draw Lips and Mouths How to Animate a Bouncing Bikini Girl How to Draw Demons How to Write a Short Script How to Draw Hands Comic and Cartoon How to shade using Color Pencils How to Shade Metal reflective Surfaces Freelance Artist DOs and DONTs Painting with Custom Photoshop Brushes How to Draw Shadows on Objects and People Bone Tool Animation Adobe Flash Tutorial How to Create Characters the Design Process How to Draw Skulls Painting with Brushes in Photoshop Cel Shading in Photoshop Feat Krillin from DBZ How to Draw Chibi Characters How to Mix Paints Motion in Animation - Tutorial How to Draw Isometric Art Environment Animation Tutorial RainWindFog in Flash Making a Walk Cycle Speed Animation Tutorial and many more