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Drive Mounty is an essential tool for anyone using network drives (i.e. NAS): • Add a network drive for monitoring. • Drive Mounty will automatically try to reconnect it when it disappears (such as when installing an update). • Once the network drive is available, Drive Mounty will remount it! Features: • Simple to use interface. • Integrated with Notification Centre to keep track of events and allow you to monitor what has happened. • Ability to set connection attempt limits or have it keep trying forever! • Once the network drive is configured (with username and password stored to the keychain), no user input is required. • Autonomous mode - Drive Mounty can be configured to run on startup and minimised so it doesn't get in your way whilst it's keeping an eye on your network drives. • Unlimited number of network drives can be monitored (requires in-app purchase). • Home network mode - Drive Mounty will only try to reconnect to your devices when on your home network. If away, it won't attempt to! You can update your home network in the preferences and turn this option on or off. • Sleep and Wake detection - Drive mounty will now stop and restart monitoring when you Mac goes to sleep or wakes. Please note: This version (without the one-time in-app purchase) will only allow you to monitor one network drive and once a drive has been reconnected it will stop monitoring. This version is free to allow you to evaluate the app features.