DriveLock Private

OS X 10.7
DriveLock Private lets you encrypt your files with state-of-the-art encryption using AES-256. Each file is encrypted individually and makes DriveLock encrypted folders perfect for use in cloud storages. Only modified files will need to be synced, so working with encrypted folders is just as fast and convenient as working with unencrypted files. Put your encrypted folder on your Dropbox™, OneDrive™, Google Drive™ or just any USB-Stick to securely share your files with your friends or customers. DriveLock uses state-of-the-art encryption algorithms (AES-256) to keep your data safe. Use DriveLock File Protection together with DriveLock for Windows and iOS (sold separately) and you can easily and securely exchange sensitive data across all major platforms. Features: * Encrypt files and folders * State of the art encryption with AES-256 * Individual file encryption - perfect for cloud storages * Also access your files on Windows and iOS versions (sold separately) * On-device encryption * Secure storage of passwords in the system keychain