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dropandplay is just a small, lightweight and easy accessible...music player...living in your statusbar. It is made for musicians, composers and producers...and other native creatives. How does it work? Just drag a sound file on the icon in the statusbar, drop it on the player and listen. But why? As a composer and producer I was bothered by the fact that there are only two ways to listen to your freshly bounced tracks in macOS: play it via iTunes - which means clogging your library with all your different mix-versions. play it via the "Preview" in Finder - and your playback will be interrupted as soon as you go on with any work on your filesystem...and this happened a lot to me. As there was no proper solution for that, I did it by myself. and here it is...dropandplay by the way: I am a small indie software developer, and a newbie as well. So if you like the general idea but you are missing some features, please let me know. Get in touch with me via my website, twitter or facebook and together we could develop a great tool.