Drop’n’Roll Lite – automatic video editor

OS X 10.7
Drop’n’Roll Lite is a wizard for making movies starring you, your family and friends, instantly and automatically. It is as easy as ABC: A - add your video, B - bring in your music, C - see the movie. You can then save your movie and share it with the world. Developed in a collaboration by experts from moviemaking and software industries, Drop’n’Roll Lite automatic video editor delivers almost professional-looking movies. Simply feed your video clips into Drop’n’Roll Lite, add music, then have the wizard mash it all up into a complete movie with a soundtrack. No editing skills are needed. Just shoot more videos! It’s easy, fast, and fun! Drop’n’Roll features: ★ fully automated video editing ★ support for .mov, .mp4, .m4v video formats ★ use video clips from camcorders, digital cameras, smart phones ★ movie duration depends on how many video clips are added for ★ retina display compatible Visit www.dropnroll.tv for more information. Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/dropnroll.tv and like us on Facebook facebook.com/dropnroll.tv. Send your questions, comments and suggestions to support@dropnroll.tv