Drum and Bass Course For Universal Audio

OS X 10.9
Universal Audio’s UAD V8.0 plugins are here and so is expert mixer Rich Tozzoli to show us how he uses them “In Action”! Learn the secrets of how to make your rhythm tracks really rock, in this example-filled course. The UAD V8.0 plugins are the platinum standard for producers, recordists and pro audio mixers the world over. In this course, pro surround mixer and music producer Rich Tozzoli, shows you how he uses EQs, compressors, amp simulators and other plugins to make his drums and bass tracks sound their best. Nothing is better than watching (and hearing) a mixer like Rich explain how he uses his golden ears in combination with UA’s V8 plugins to get that perfect balance between the drums and the bass. Being an audio engineer requires a unique combination of intuition, experience and knowledge as tracks are massaged in the studio. That's why, in this course, you’re like Rich’s assistant engineer –sitting next to him behind the virtual console– as he shares his sonic thought processes and UA expertise. So sit back and learn how to make your drums and bass tracks work together, rocking through the mix, in this 21-tutorial, “UA In Action” course! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction (01:37) 2. Drum Kit Layout (01:13) 3. The Kick: Part 1 (02:07) 4. The Kick: Part 2 (04:37) 5. Layering Kick Samples (02:44) 6. The Snare: Part 1 (02:57) 7. The Snare: Part 2 (02:11) 8. Snare Reverb (02:58) 9. Overheads (02:52) 10. Toms (03:23) 11. Center Mic (04:16) 12. Room Mic (03:53) 13. Readjusting Drums (03:02) 14. Distorted Bass (03:36) 15. Clean Bass (03:05) 16. Other Plug-ins (03:09) 17. Real Amp Distortion (02:36) 18. Bass Doubled (02:37) 19. Bass Chorus (02:18) 20. Reverb (02:31) 21. Stereo Synth Bass (02:44)