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We understand Design as a complementary thinking to others as the Scientific, the Philosophical and the Artistic, from the perspective of Deleuze and Guattari. We take as presupposition for this affirmation the trans-formative approach of the Design when dealing with events, that uses the explaining approach from Science, the expression from Art and questioning from Philosophy. Based on this sense we move away from Design as an activity and approach to Design as an in-form thought, in an explicit reference to the Design as proposed by Vilém Flusser. Thus, our work as researchers assumes this perspective of Design as a thought, and, seeks to understand the methods and processes involved in this trans-formative path that belongs to any subject and not an exclusivity of certain groups of professionals. The goal of our research is, therefore, to construct an accessible language to the general public, as a support for the structured application of methods of Design thinking. We understand that language as a way to the popularization of an elaborated Design and, as a consequence, a more conscious trans-formative thinking, mainly about its responsibilities as a vector of change. The DTC Studio is a Design Thinking computational tool, a new way of C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design).