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-== Holidays Promo, ONLY $9.99 instead of $19.99. ==- Provided with macOS Sierra and Touch Bar support. DupeZap is a modern duplicate finder with a stylish interface, easy to use and powerful like no others. It is extremely fast, and scans your computer accurately: Search for any file: • Scan for Photos and iTunes duplicate files. • Find any duplicate file type (PDFs, images, movies, etc...). • Search for duplicate folders. Scan anywhere: • Search in your hard drive. • Scan any mounted disk (external hard drives, USB keys, etc...). • Search in multiple locations at the same time, and enable additional features that help you in the cleaning of duplicates. Easily select duplicate files: • Result organized based on file types. • Result organized based on path of files (if search was performed in multiple locations). • Automatic marking for a fast removal. • Several marking options (mark oldest, newest, etc...) available for single locations or for all found duplicates. • Multiple files preview. Safely delete or move marked duplicates: • Delete the marked duplicates. • Move them to a folder instead of deleting them. • Replace the removed files with hard links, if desired. • Restore the removed (or moved) items if a mistake was made. Additional features: • iTunes "Dead" track report. • Empty folders report. • Save the result to continue the cleaning job later. • Export the result to consult it in a spreadsheet app. And much more...