Duplicate File Remover PRO

OS X 10.10
Remove Duplicates on your Mac with an easy duplicate cleaner. Find and delete duplicate files in less than in a minute! Duplicate File Remover PRO is an essential software tool to delete duplicates on Mac’s hard drive or on any external disk. It is a duplicate file cleaner which accurately compares files and folders and finds their clones. The application also provides a visual chart of duplicate search results as well as smart cleanup hints for fast duplicate removal. With duplicate cleaner Pro, you can scan multiple folders or disks simultaneously. The application presents an animated duplicate chart while scanning. Once the same files and folders are identified, the application provides cleanup recommendations to quickly remove duplicate files. It's easy to check how much space each duplicate takes with this duplicate file software. In the Overview section, you can also see a list of the biggest similar folders which contain both identical and unique files. Duplicate File Remover PRO provides a wide set of features that allow you to find duplicate files and folders on Mac, organize or remove duplicate data and even view Similar folders and merge them. SEARCH DUPLICATE FILES: ▸ fast scanning algorithm ▸ scanning for duplicates in multiple folders or drives ▸ support for external drives and mounted network folders ▸ "Recents" for scanned folders ▸ animated scanning process ▸ scanning support for hidden folders VIEW DUPLICATES: ▸ visual chart reports ▸ preview of screens by duplicate category ▸ preview and quick look of every duplicate item ▸ fast duplicate cleanup hints ▸ list of the biggest similar folders ▸ similar folders chart ▸ built-in help tips ▸ built-in file search ▸ option to sort duplicates by name, size, type and so on ▸ all files support: duplicate music files, duplicate photos, videos, documents and so on. REMOVE DUPLICATES: ▸ visual progress bar of selected files for removal ▸ one-click selection of multiple duplicate files ▸ smart duplicate autoselection ▸ "always select" and "never select" options ▸ confirmation list for duplicate removal ▸ option to move to Trash or permanent removal ADDITIONAL FEATURES: ▸ merging similar folders ▸ specifying the priority folder for a quick duplicates selection ▸ restoring deleted duplicates STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO BEST USAGE PRACTICES REMOVE COPIES IN A SINGLE FOLDER - DEDUPLICATION 1. Choose a folder and scan it 2. Click the Auto Select button 3. Click on Remove to review and delete duplicates COMPARE 2 FOLDERS, REMOVE DUPLICATES FROM ONE OF THEM 1. Add 2 folders to scan (+ button) 2. Use the “Select Duplicates in Folder” command 3. Tick a folder to remove duplicates from 4. Click to Remove duplicates from the selected folder DISK SPACE CLEANUP WITH DEDUPLICATION 1. Click on “Scan Home Folder” 2. Switch to the Overview tab 3. Use provided Cleanup Hints to clear space from the biggest duplicates ORGANIZE FOLDERS WITH DUPLICATE AND UNIQUE FILES 1. Choose a folder and scan it 2. Switch to the Similars tab 3. Review Similar folders which contain both unique and duplicate files 4. Select folders for Merge and click the Merge Folders button 5. Review files to be merged and and confirm merging MERGE 2 FOLDERS 1. Choose two folders and scan them 2. Switch to the Similars tab 3. Review common duplicates and unique files in the folders 4. Click the Merge Folders button 5. Customize merging options and direction for the folders 6. Review files to be merged and confirm by clicking the Merge button Duplicate File Remover PRO is the best double file cleaner. Use the application to easily search for duplicate files and get rid of duplicate content taking up useless disk space on your Mac. NOTE: If you have any comments, general or technical issues, please contact us directly at support@nektony.com. We will respond within one business day.