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Duplicate Files Filter is a duplicate file finder and remover app that scans & finds all types of duplicate files on your computer.Once the scan is complete you could see all duplicates and decide which ones to keep and which ones to remove.When you delete the files, they are safely moved to Trash. This duplicate files remover app will help you recover loads of storage space on your device so that you can save additional data, save more useful files and install more applications without having to face low storage warnings. As our usage of computer grows, the unnecessary documents, duplicate photos, videos and audio files grows in device randomly in the computer. The duplicate files, photos, videos & audio occupy the lots of space and also reduce the operating speed. Manually it is difficult to find and remove them. The application will help you locate and remove useless file duplicates to free up disk space and better organize your file collections. You will have full control in being able to look through the list of duplicates and decide which copy to keep & which copy to delete. The application removes only those files that you select to remove.The main feature of the application is that it is very fast in operation.Just click on the scan button and within a few minutes it will list the duplicates from entire computer. How are duplicate files created? -- When a file is accidentally downloaded twice or thrice from the internet -- When a files is copied to more than one folder unknowingly. -- When a copy of a file is created for editing purpose and after this, both copies are left unused. -- When multiple backups are created for a file. There are a lot more cases where duplicate files are created and unnecessarily occupy space on your computer. Don't worry though, this duplicate cleaner will not only let you remove such files, but will also let you preview them before you go ahead and delete them.