DVD Copy PRO – Rip & Shrink

OS X 10.10
*** Copy and Back Up Your DVD Collection Fast and Easily! *** No More Worries About Scratching Your DVDs! *** Download This App to Clone Your Favorite DVD Videos Today! DVD Copy PRO is an easy-to-use and powerful DVD cloning app for Mac. It enables you to easily copy your favorite DVD videos to a blank DVD disc or to your hard drive. You can choose to copy the complete DVD with all the extras, or copy only the DVD's main feature. Once you press 'Start', your DVD will be cloned at high speed and excellent picture quality! Get DVD Copy PRO to back up your DVD collection in no time and say goodbye to worries about your discs damaged!   Buy Now – and you'll see why DVD Copy PRO is a must-have utility for your home.    *** Key Features ***   • Easy-to-Use interface lets any beginner start cloning DVDs immediately. No need to read a manual!   • Copy your DVD at high speed and high quality.   • [EXCLUSIVE FEATURE] Preview Window: Lets you watch the copying progress in real time. You'll never copy the wrong DVD!!   • Full Copy Mode: Copy the complete DVD, including all Menus, Language Tracks, Subtitles, etc.   • Main Video Mode: Copy the main video/movie only, and remove the DVD extras.   • [EXCLUSIVE FEATURE] DVD Shrink Mode: Shrink the content of a 9GB DVD video (i.e., DVD-9) onto a 4.7GB DVD disc (i.e., DVD-5). • Your freedom to: - Copy from DVD to DVD or Hard Drive (ISO File or DVD Folder) - Copy from Hard Drive (ISO File or DVD Folder) to DVD or Hard Drive (ISO File or DVD Folder) - Burn existing DVD files directly to a DVD disc.   • Supports Episode DVDs (i.e., TV programs on DVD).   • Supports various DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW (including dual/double layer, DL) burner drives.   • Finished DVD clones can be played on any DVD player.   Get DVD Copy PRO today – and thank you!     *** Disclaimer: This Mac app doesn't support commercial DVDs. ***