DxII Codec — for dbx-II/Disc

OS X 10.8
DxII Codec is a modern digital equivalent of the traditional dbx-II/Disc system which was one of the outstanding analog audio tape/LP noise reduction systems. The software is capable of decoding/encoding dbx type-II or type-Disc formatted audio in digital domain, with ease, quality and efficiency. Benefiting from the proprietary DSP engine and intuitive GUI, the process can be accomplished real-timely with smooth user interaction. Deeper optimal result can be achieved by using the advanced toolkit which was not available on traditional analog hardware, as specified below: - The dual-meter visualizes potential risks of dynamic-range overload or underload, with adjustable means for instant correction. - The Azimuth and Gap-Loss tools can compensate minor imperfection of analog tape player used for digitizing audio tapes. - The Play Trim is another tool for compensating weakened signal on aged pre-recorded tapes. - The EQ Converter offers digital translation between 120μs and 70μs IEC tape equalization standards — if such a flexibility is not offered by a given tape player/recorder. - The RMS timing slider offers optional flexibility to adjust the compander's tracking speed. - The built-in tone generator offers 1kHz 0 dB Reference Level signal for easy calibration. Most of the fine-tuning tools can work independently of the dbx-II/Disc codec, which can also be applied for refining non-dbx formatted audio. DxII Codec is a stand-alone GUI app without relying on any other DAW host. It allows the computer to serve as an external(outboard) dbx-II/Disc unit in one of the following four modes: - from Audio-In to File (a digitizer/recorder). - from File to Audio-Out (a player). - from File to File (an off-line processor). - from Audio-In to Audio-Out (a through processor, with slight delay). Currently supported audio formats are: WAV, MP3, FLAC, AIF, AAC and M4A, up to 96k/24bit. The software comes with embedded user manual on each major functions. Please note that this software is suited for the consumer grade dbx type-II or type-Disc, which is not compatible with the professional grade dbx type-I.