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DxO Perspective

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*** LIMITED TIME OFFER - Save 50% off *** *** "DxO Perspective is perfect for the photographer looking for a quick and easy way to straighten photos and adjust their perspective without having to purchase expensive tools" TUAW's Mac App of the week *** With DxO Perspective, you can correct any perspective issues in your images in just a few clicks. A skewed building? A tilted horizon? Simply place the anchor points along the lines you want to fix, and your image instantly achieves a more natural look. Automatically corrects even the most complex perspective problems: • Several correction tools adapted to different kinds of photo compositions • Horizon recovery • Optimized cropping to maximize the visible field Easy to use: • DxO Perspective provides a simple solution for correcting your images, thanks to an innovative system of anchor points that you apply directly on your image • Advanced tools let you fine-tune corrections according to your own tastes The perfect solution for: • Street and architectural photos • Interior shots • Landscape photos • Reproductions of posters or paintings Compatibility: • Opens and saves JPEG and 8- & 16-bit TIFF images • Available in English, French, German and Japanese