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Control app for your DynaMount remote microphone positioners. No more running back and forth, pulling hairs out while searching for that sweet spot! Using this app, you are able to: -Control all DynaMount models using Wi-Fi or USB -Save mic positions as presets -Easy & precise A/B comparisons -Offline Mode for use without internet access -Multi-Device presets for up to 10 units -Add as many DynaMounts as you want Here's what the pros have to say... "It’s going to save hours of time getting a great guitar sound." -- Joe Barresi (Producer/Mixer/Engineer - Tool, Bad Religion, Chevelle) "It brings back engineering into engineering." -- Fred Archambault (Producer/Engineer - Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu) "This must be what is was like when the first EQ's showed up in studios." -- Michael Nielsen (Composer - Ninja Tracks) For device documentation, guides, & troubleshooting please visit our website at: https://dynamount.com