Dynasty of Egypt

OS X 10.6.6
Enjoy explosive sphere shooter action during the Age of the Pyramids! As the ruler of the Egyptian Dynasty, it is your duty to guard the secrets of the Pyramids. Use your powerful stone shooters to destroy the Spheres of Divination before they disappear deep within the earth. Switch between shooters and rotate your angle to get the perfect line of attack, or you and the Pyramids will pay the price! Blaze through over 1000 levels of exciting action/puzzle fun, filled with magic power-ups, twisting paths, sphere teleports and more. Features: • Switch shooters on the fly for the perfect angle • 15 amazing power-ups including lasers, bombs, stemheads and more • 3D accelerated graphics • Over 1000 action-packed levels Dynasty of Egypt features fun gameplay that combines match-3 strategy with arcade-style shooting. Players must blast matching spheres as the colorful orbs run along a twisting path, pushed and pulled by gravity. Fixed shooters can rotate to aim, but you'll have to switch between shooters to find the right line of attack. Aim carefully to destroy the Spheres of Divination as you rule over the Age of the Pyramids!