Earth Primer

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Discover how our planet works through play! Create volcanoes, sculpt mountains, and control the forces of nature with your fingertips. Earth Primer defies existing genres, combining aspects of science books, toys, simulations, and games. Unlock new tools, pages, and a sandbox mode where only your imagination is the limit. Selected Awards Best STEM App – American Association of School Librarians (2016) Best of 2015 – Apple App Store Official Selection – Tokyo Digital Children's Book Fair (2017) Critical Acclaim "BEAUTIFUL ... ENGAGING ... WELL DESIGNED." – CNN, Kristie Lu Stout “EFFORTLESSLY BEAUTIFUL... perfectly...realizes the promise of a truly interactive textbook.” – Fast Company, John Brownlee “INSPIRING ... a reminder that interactive media is a young and undeveloped world itself.” – WIRED, Kyle VanHemert "THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION... sets a high benchmark for what educational apps should be aspiring to." – Cult of Mac, Luke Dormehl "This is much more than a toy. It is a catalyst for thinking about our world. ... TRULY A JOY." – WIRED, Samuel Arbesman Features • Discover how Earth works through play. • The forces of nature are at your fingertips—make volcanoes, shape sand dunes, form glaciers, sculpt mountains, push around tectonic plates, paint with wind, heat up magma—and more! • 20 different tools to unlock. • Richly interactive geological simulations. • Five chapters: Earth's Interior, Surface, Water Cycle, Biomes, and Sandbox. • Sandbox mode.