Earth Space Colonies

OS X 10.6.6
Earth Space Colonies is a strategy-simulation game where you build space colonies around the Solar system. Your first destination is Mars. Establish a first self-sustaining colony and terraform a red wasteland into a green oasis. Balance your resources and expand the infrastructure. Build anything from high-tech factories, hotels, military bases to space elevators and terraformers. Colonize other worlds as well: defend a mining colony on a dwarf planet Ceres and explore the subsurface ocean on Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon. Survive intense combat on Saturn's moon Titan. • Build space colonies on multiple worlds at the same time. • Three dynamic campaigns with different goals. Terraform Mars, defend Ceres, explore Ganymede. • Join cast of fully voiced characters in an engaging story about the next great adventure of humanity. • Train specialized astronauts: from builders and miners to scientists. • Explore the planets with astronauts and rovers while trying to survive devastating sand storms, blazing solar flares, rumbling quakes, meteor showers and other disasters in this extremely hostile environment. • Research new tech to unlock advanced structures and units. • Experience dynamic day-night cycles and weather effects. • Crafting system. Combine produced goods with raw materials to create unique and special items. • Establish interplanetary commerce. Build goods and trade items using rockers, maglev launchers and space elevators. • Game updates and expansions based on trending space related news. Maybe there is something on Pluto going on. Or Titan. There are so many fascinating worlds in the Solar system.