EASA CPL Pilot Exam Prep

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Our EASA CPL (Commercial Pilot License) Airplane theory exam preparation is the best tool to help you pass all the tests to become a serious recreational or early career airline / professional professional pilot in Europe or any other of the many other countries which use a EASA-FCL (JAA/JAR-FCL) syllabus. Unlike other products, which generally are based on out-of-date, static question sets, our GroundSchool data banks feature lifetime free updates so that you can always access the latest questions sets that we have available from within the app. Our EASA-CQB mimicking question sets are maintained and updated by a team of professional pilot and flight instructor editors and have been used by thousands of pilots to pass their exams. Passing the CPL exams is not easy; and our software will help make the often difficult study process as smooth as possible. This single app will prepare you for any or all of the following EASA CPL Airplane theory exams: 010 Air law and ATC Procedures 021 Airframe and systems, Electrics, Powerplant and Emergency Equipment 022 Instrumentation 031 Mass and Balance 032 Performance of aeroplanes 033 Flight planning and Monitoring 040 Human Performance and Limitations 050 Meteorology 061 General Navigation 062 Radio Navigation 070 Operational Procedures 080 Principles of Flight 091 Communication Yes! This app is compatible with all EASA CPL classroom based courses and textbooks. Many of our users are either enrolled in such courses or are thinking of soon doing so. Studying with our application really saves dozens if not hundreds of hours of work and really lets you get a head start towards mastering the exams. Yes! This app is also used by those who are not required to take such a classroom course, such as non-EASA pilots transitioning into EASA or those who already have requisite flight experience minimums. Please note that "EASA" is the current name for what or all practical purposes used to be called "JAA." Therefore, if you're looking for "JAA theory test prep", this is what you are looking for. Yes! When you get this from iTunes, it is a GOOD FOR LIFE purchase, not a license or subscription, so you can use this without fear of expiration as some other programs have. Yes! Free lifetime updates are included. Yes! It's easy to use, and powerful, and thousands of pilots before you have successfully prepared using our materials. Yes! And you can too! Please note that this software is for AIRPLANE pilots only. While there is much commonality between this and the helicopter syllabus, this product does not contain helicopter-specific questions such as helicopter aerodynamics. Immediately after downloading the app, we strongly recommend that you use the built-in update feature to ensure that you have the latest question sets that we have available. You can update as often as you wish into the future, so that even if you're not quite ready to take the exams now, you can be secure knowing that you're covered. This application contains most of the figures that you will need to access during the exams. However, as with all EASA exams, you will need to separately obtain a EASA student route manual book for chart and plate reference for some questions, such as Navigation questions and a flight computer such as a CRP-5. However, over 98% of the questions can be studied without having those items, so don't worry if you don't have them yet. Good luck in your exams and we hope to see you as a fellow professional pilot flying along in the skies with us soon.