Easy Audio Notes – Lecture Voice Note Notepad Recorder

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Use text to mark the key point of recorded audio , it's will save you time while improving the quality of your notes . The app combines the functionality of a notepad and voice recorder so it's easy to find out the key point of your long audio file . The app can remember the key point of speaking . So you no need to search through the entire recording to find out. The app can analyze the long audio file , use text note to mark key point . It’s easy to learn . You can use the app anywhere: meeting, interviews, conferences, lectures, study sessions . ### Function ### 1. Record voice or load local music file . 2. Synchronized note and audio recording. 3. Remember the key point of speaking . 4. Seek directly to audio by tapping text. 5. Save / Open project . 6. Share project with your friends. 7. Export audio file. Note: The app have iPhone / iPad version , your project can share to your iPhone / iPad . Download iOS version , search “ audio notes marker “ in iOS app store . If you have some problems , please send an email to chaoyuemesoft@126.com . I will solve these issues as quickly as possible.