Easy HairStylist Management

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Easy HairStylist Management is an integrated management system, developed to facilitate the activities in Salon. Designed for hair salons, Hairdressers, Combers and beauty centers. Dedicated to all professionals who want to precisely control the trend of the salon, its employees, reduce the inconveniences, increase the turnover, increase the prestige of your salon and eventually speed up and facilitate the management of all its activities! This software is a dedicated system, suitable for single business and/or for large chain stores or franchises. Optimizing your best work. Easy HairStylist Management allows you to have a complete administration of your salon, giving an you better control of your warehouse, from purchase to sales, to help you in relationships with customers and suppliers This program is the result of the experience gained and gained from more than 15 years in the industry. System reliability, quality, ease of use and standard equipment nor make a winning system, satisfying all your requirements for easy management at the forefront. The interface has been designed to make your application an intuitive product, easy and quick to use. Technical Characteristics: * Appointment Management; * Product Management; * Barcode Management; * Customer Management; * Manage Suppliers; * Manage Employees; * Manage inventory loading and unloading; * Manage Historical Services of the Customers; * Managing Birthdays/Attendance; * Managing Fidelity Card; * Managing Product Groups; * Automated management of the sale in the Front Office; * Managing Costs and Revenues; * Managing Invoices/Receipts; * Management of different price lists 5; * Management Statistics (Sale/Purchase); * Utilities for sale and database management; * Calculate Commissions Employees; * Managing Employee Attendance; * Manage Inventory; * Data Backup Management; * Import & Export Management data; * Subscription Management;