OS X 10.8
Easily creates Spam and Content filter rules for Mail.app E-Mails. Features: Use regular expressions (RegEx) or simple text to filter out Spam or other undesirable content from your mails. - You can define a filter for the Sender, Subject, Reply, Headers and the Content itself. - You can use the simple text filter or use regular expressions for Spam detection. - You can test the rules before activation. - The App do not delete your mails, it just moves them to a sub-folder on your Mac, if it finds Spam. - The handling is very simple. Only a few steps are needed. - Supports Mail.app and Mac OS X from 10.8. Requirements: - Mail.app. Attention: This is a standalone application but it generates rules for Mail.app only, it is not compatible with other software than Mail.app. Mail.app is responsible for activation and executing the Spam rules.