Easy To Use : Microsoft Powerpoint Edition

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This app with it's easy to follow 272 instructional videos will guide you through the basics of Powerpoint. You will soon see many tips and tricks that will make your life easier and also your presentations will soon have that extra little sparkle. Videos include: PowerPoint 2010 Intro PowerPoint 2010 Creating Content PowerPoint 2010 Themes PowerPoint 2010 Transitions PowerPoint 2010 Gathering Resources PowerPoint 2010 Inserting Media PowerPoint 2010 Images PowerPoint 2010 Video PowerPoint 2010 Audio PowerPoint Video PowerPoint 2010 Hyperlinks PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 11 PowerPoint Basics PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 12 Views and Printing PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 13 Text Boxes PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 21 Vector vs Raster Graphics PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 22 Art Objects and Effects PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 23 Using Web Images PowerPoint 2010 Tutorial 31 Animations and Transitions PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 31 Animations and Timing PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 32 Adding Sound and Video PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 42 Charts and OLE Part 2 - PowerPoint 2007 animations tutorial Part 1 - Absolute basic PowerPoint 2007 tutorial Private Video PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 1 Secrets of Professional Presentations-P1 PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 2 Secrets of Professional Presentations Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Effects Tutorial How to use Microsoft office Power Point 2007 PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 3 Secrets of Professional Presentations PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 6 Secrets of Professional Presentations PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 5 Secrets of Professional Presentations PowerPoint 2007 Inserting Film Clips Create PowerPoint Presentations Like a Pro Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Training Slide Master PowerPoint 2007 - Adding Animation PowerPoint 2007 Master Slide PT-2 How to do a Power Point Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial - Creating Pauses In Slide Show PowerPoint 2007 Inserting Sound Files Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial - Embedding YouTube Videos PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial Basics 1 PowerPoint Presentation Video Tutorial -Learn Click By Click PowerPoint Basics PowerPoint 2007 Demo Add footers to slides in a presentation Word 2007 Absolute Basics Part 1 - Starting Photoshop Create a Photo Collage in PowerPoint PowerPoint Basics-Embedding Fonts PowerPoint Tips and Tricks-Repeating the Last Action Triggering Animations to Audio Bookmarks in PowerPoint 2010 Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial - Hyperlinks With Action Settings Inserting YouTube Videos On SlideShare Remove Photo Backgrounds with PowerPoint 2010 PowerPoint Tips and Tricks Create Custom Shapes by Editing Points Draw a 3D PowerPoint Shape Changing Slide Backgrounds Creating Widescreen PowerPoint Presentations Changing the Behavior of a PowerPoint Text Box and many many more