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EasyRemote from OpenEye allows you to view surveillance video from any OpenEye EasyDVR or EasyNVR. With EasyRemote, you can monitor your security investment from your Mac PC. EasyRemote is ideal for a wide variety of security installations, such as monitoring your office or checking on your personal home security system. Now with Web Connect! Connect to recorders remotely, using nothing more than an email and password. For more about Web Connect visit http://openeye.net BENEFITS AND FEATURES: • Web Connect allows single sign-on to list all recorders • Add multiple EasyDVR/EasyNVR devices to a quick connect list • Display video in a single or quad view window • Display an Events List • Stream live and recorded video • Secure login required for each DVR for your protection REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with all OpenEye EasyDVR and EasyNVR digital recorders FOR MORE INFORMATION: visit http://www.openeye.net/products/software/remote