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are you Hungry? In this amazing app, you can eat all the burger,hotdog and sandwich you want! Jump on your Eatery Shop! Time to: cook, serve, eat & compete". Plenty of burger , hot dog and sandwich! Become the ultimate master chef Beat the clock & challenge yourself! Wrap the food ! Tap to wrap up the food quickly! Your guests are hungry so keep up with the conveyer belt and keep the food coming! Serve to people ! These foods are too hot to handle and too legit to quit! Serve ?em up fast! Drag food, prepare for serve, and drinks together to make meals for the hungry people! Dont forget to put some ketchup! What's inside the app: > 30 levels to challenge your master chef skills! > 3 Different ketchup and 2 different drinks to go with the burger , sandwich and hotdog ! > 6 funny characters!