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eBeam Marker gives eBeam Smartmarker users the ability to capture, enhance, and share everything written on a whiteboard with others in real-time. With the app, you can make your notes fully interactive, sync with cloud services, and edit everything you’ve written. It is the perfect solution for business professionals, educators and students, telecommuters, designers and project managers, and more! ANY WHITEBOARD, ANY GLASSBOARD With eBeam Marker you can write on any type of board letting you save anything you write onto your devices. You can also share your writing to an unlimited number of people no matter where they are located. DIGITAL WRITING AND EDITING TOOLS Change the color of your writing and convert your handwriting to text using built in “handwriting recognition”. eBeam Marker provides numerous tools to allow you to edit your writing freely. SHARE YOUR IDEAS Open a meeting session using the Sharing feature and invite colleagues and others as you stream everything you write on the whiteboard or glassboard in real-time. Anyone who has joined the meeting can collaborate and participate in the real-time session. Meeting hosts can allow participants to freely write on the same page for two-way interactivity. SAVE NOTES TO MEMORY WITHOUT CONNECTING ANY OTHER DEVICE eBeam Smarmarker lets you to save all your writing without connecting any device. The sensor has 4GBs of memory that can save and record over 20,000 pages. GET ORGANIZED Organize your ideas and whatever you write on individual pages. Color-coded notes help you categorize and organize your thoughts and ideas. UPLOAD TO CLOUD SERVICES, SHARE VIA EMAIL, AND MORE With eBeam Marker you can share your saved pages via email, upload them to your preferred cloud service and even save and share in the PDF format. You can even attach your notes to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other favorite social network apps.