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Anyone who sits through presentations or lectures knows a little interactivity makes everything more memorable. And more fun. Hence: eClicker Audience. The companion app to eClicker Presenter, eClicker Audience lets you see and answer questions a teacher, speaker or moderator sends to your iOS or Mac device. The app is free and available in the App Store. Don’t have an iOS or Mac device? No problem. You can participate in eClicker Presenter sessions using a web browser on your internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop. FEATURES: • Use your iOS or Mac device to answer a variety of question types - multiple choice, true/false, agree/disagree, and free response • Questions get delivered directly to your device - no projector means easy viewing from anywhere in the room • Results are displayed immediately after a quiz, so you can see how you did • Audience members not using an iOS or Mac device can access questions through a web browser on their internet-enabled device • Beautiful, intuitive user interface DETAILS: eClicker Audience is the companion app to eClicker Presenter. Participants use the free eClicker Audience app to view and answer questions - right on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop - that have been created with the eClicker Presenter app. This real-time, interactive quizzing method helps information from presentations and class lessons really stick. eClicker Audience for iOS and Mac: Lets you participate in eClicker Presenter sessions through an intuitive interface, without having to use a web browser. eClicker Audience for non-iOS or Mac users: Allows audience members using other platforms to access eClicker Presenter sessions through the web browser on their internet-enabled devices.