eDoc Organizer Cloud Document Management

OS X 10.10
eDoc Organizer Cloud Desktop Document Management App for Mac allows you to import/scan, organize and access your eDoc Organizer Cloud Edition documents on your Mac desktop or laptop. This app is available free for all eDoc Organizer Cloud Edition users. eDoc Organizer Cloud Edition is a web-based document management solution that allows you to organize your documents and access them securely from anywhere. This app allows you to access the full featured eDoc Organizer Document Management software on your Mac computer. eDoc Organizer is an easy to use document management software for individuals, families and businesses. Our unique color coded labeling system allows you to organize documents under multiple categories, and our labels can be edited to fit your needs. eDoc Organizer offers OCR, user permissions, versioning, audit logs, automated folder monitoring, PDF converter and printer, screen capture and several other features. eDoc Organizer Cloud edition offer several apps as part of the subscription. We offer a full featured Windows desktop client as well. To learn more about the other apps, subscription and software go to the eDoc Organizer Cloud document management website.