Efficient Guitar Triad Chords

OS X 10.12
Need to learn triad chords? Need to learn which triads belong to each scale? Need to find the most efficient transitions between chords? This is the app for you. This focuses on the most common of triad chords, the ones on the first three strings. A great way to diversify your sound! Great to fingerpick, arpeggiate, try a reggae sound, or just get a different feel than you would streaming open chords, barre chords or chunky power chords. First select a scale (all the common modes are offered.) The screen will show the chord charts for each triad in that scale, as well as their accompanying first and second inversions. This is a good starting point for learning the chords. Now, to take it a step further, click on the first chord in your progression, say the root I chord. The most efficient chord inversion for each of the remaining chords in the scale will be highlighted. This will help you reduce the amount of movement along the neck. So if you wanted to go from the C major (I) chord with it's root on the 8th fret, to a G major (V) chord, the suggested chord would be the first inversion of G at the 7th fret. Note: Resolution of 2048x1152 or greater is recommended.