Egress Switch

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Use Egress Switch to send and receive secure files, and remain in control of the confidential information you share with external third parties. Features • Secure Large File Transfer - break through the size limit of conventional emails. • Secure Message Service - you to stay in control of the things you share with others. • Remove access to information even after it has been shared. • Full real-time audit trail of message access. Once Egress Switch is installed on your Mac you can Create, Share, Read, and Manage secure messages. The people you choose to share files with using the secure Egress Switch service will always be able to access secure messages for free. Used by organisations around the world, Switch is a new generation of security software that enables policy to follow the data, wherever it resides. Integrated desktop and mobile applications ensure easy-to-use software, designed to aid compliance and streamline user workflow – ensuring individuals remain in control of the sensitive information they share at all times.