Egypt Series: The Prophecy – Part 2

OS X 10.6
All voices and texts in English! Part 2: The World of Ptah THE ADVENTURE Paser, the architect who designed the Great Obelisk, is suffering from a strange illness. If no-one cures him, work on the building site will remain at a standstill. Maia has been ordered to heal him of this strange scourge. Her quest to find an effective cure will bring her to the famous city of Memphis. However, this mission involves more than a simple visit to an apothecary. Maia will be forced to call upon supernatural forces in order to help Paser. THE GAME A Point & Click Adventure game using a 360° viewing system similar to Jules Verne’s Return to Mysterious Island and Dracula the Path of the Dragon. Play as a young sorceress investigating to uncover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. This is the second part of a three-part adventure. THE KEY POINTS • Over 3 hours of game time in the World of Ptah and the Aswan Quarries • HD graphics and cutscenes • An intuitive inventory system • Many different puzzles to solve • A great variety of music and background sounds • All voices and texts in English NB: This game is not a direct port, but an adaptation of the PC version. ★ DON’T MISS OUR AMAZING OTHER ADVENTURE GAMES! ★ On Mac: Dracula The Path of the Dragon (3 parts) Dracula : La Voie du Dragon - Director's Cut Egypt Series: The Prophecy (3 parts) Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy - Director's Cut Retour sur l'Ile Mystérieuse - Director's Cut Retour sur l'Ile Mystérieuse 2 - Director's Cut On iPad: Dracula The Path of the Dragon (3 parts) Retour sur l'Ile Mystérieuse - Deluxe Edition Egypt The Prophecy (3 parts) On iPhone: Jules Verne's Secrets Of The Mysterious Island Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon (3 parts) Egypt The Prophecy (3 parts) Nostradamus The Last Prophety (2 parts) ♥ FOLLOW US! ♥ MICROIDS On On On ANUMAN INTERACTIVE On On On