Electronic Symbol Libraries 2

OS X 10.6
Looking for electronic symbols for use in your 2D Cad software? Searching for Electronic symbols for use in your Layout apps? Well look no further than Electronic Symbol Libraries 2. With almost 1300 items we've done all the hard work for you, so you can now simply drag and drop our pre-drawn, scaled vector graphics from this library straight into almost any other Mac OSX application for your Electronic schematic, layout or plan. If its resistors, batteries, logic gates or pretty much anything else relating to electronic schematics you'll find it here in this comprehensive, professional and time-saving library. - 1285 Unique and Precise Electronic Symbols - Includes 37 different categories for simple navigation - Use items as clip art, icons or for electronic plans - Export to illustrator, PDF and other image formats - Drag & drop to almost any MAC OS X application - Copy & Paste graphics - Store you favourite or most regularly used items in their own section of the app - Search for graphics using the 'Find' feature - Search by item type i.e resistor - Control the thumbnail size using the 'Zoom' slider - Import the items into the MacDraft Library Each of the items are fully scaleable, vector drawn symbols making them completely editable, allowing you to add your own personal touch simply by exporting the illustrator files or directly editing them in MacDraft. This library includes almost 1300 individual items in the following categories: - Actuators & Electrical Controls - Logic Gates - Aerials - Motor Starters - Amplifiers & Oscillators - Motors - Audio & Video - Optocouplers & Thermo Couples - Audio & Video Functions - Power Converters - Batteries & Generators - Power Stations - Boxes - Proximity Sensors & Transducers - Capacitors - Radio Stations - Conduits - Relays - Connectors - Resistors - Counters & Electrical Integrators - Solenoids - Couplings & Mechanical Controls - Sound Representation - Diodes - Switches - Filters - Thyristors - Fuses & Circuit Breakers - Transformers - Inductors - Transistors - Instrumentation Symbols & Meters - Tubes & Valves - Lighting - Waves & Pulses - Lines, Wires & Cables The Electronic Symbol Libraries 2 allows you to export the graphics in illustrator, PDF and other image formats. This feature allows you to have your own versions of the graphics on your machine, and with the exporting of illustrator files you can edit the graphics or create your own in illustrator or MacDraft. The library acts as a catalog and allows for the saving of favourites making it easier to find the graphics you use most frequently. This, coupled with the 'Find' feature, means the Electronic Symbol Libraries 2 application is the only schematic library you will need for your electronic plans!