Emacs Lisp Programming Environment (ELPE)

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All the software you need for a budding Engineer or Scientist to get started with programming all in one place. The Emacs Lisp programming language is an excellent first language to learn Programming, Programming Language, Software Development and Architecture concepts. With it's elegant nature, lack of syntax, professional level development environment and rich literature and Source Code available for the motivated student, the "Emacs Lisp Programming Language (ELPE)" is an excellent, lifelong, tool for both learning and practicing programming. With the "Emacs Lisp Programming Environment (ELPE)" you can learn to program with a practical, stable language capable of performing a number of useful tasks and utilities with Source Code and Data, work with XML text, view image files...you can even write your own applications! A development environment bar none, it Includes the classic "An Introduction to Programming Emacs Lisp", the "Emacs Lisp Reference Manual", a powerful source code editor, interactive debugger, code coverage and testing tools, a performance profiler...and much more.[1] The ELPE is perfect for children to learn programming. Because it runs in a Sandbox, no programs written or downloaded or shared can harm the computer or damage important files outside of this protective Sandbox area. Fully documented with full Emacs Lisp source included. Original sources for the ELPE can be downloaded from https://github.com/BusFactor1Inc/ELPE. The product is based on GNU Emacs, which can always be freely downloaded from https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/. [1] The "Engineering Style" stack calculator shown is just one of the powerful tools included, with full source to read and learn programming techniques from.