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Email - Search and Manage is a small application but save lots of time and efforts. App is designed to extract email address from various sources like and Just two click's are needed to get all email address you ever contacted or received email. It is a great tool for creating customer contact list using mailbox data that helps you to create email marketing campaigns. Since can be configured to use various email providers like GMail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud etc so app can parse all type of emails. You can use saved CSV file to import contacts in your preferred program. App also allows to upload all searched email addresses to MailChmip. Configure MailChmip via Preferences, just API key is needed and app will show all MailChmip list then select the default list to upload emails. Key features - - Add robot email address to ignore list via preferences (like no-reply, mailer@, do-not-reply) - Instant search email in all searched emails (quick filter) - Ability to save searched email's as CSV file (partial or all addresses) - Generate QR-Code and vCard of searched email address - Download QR-Code image of searched email address - Upload emails to MailChimp - Partial and full upload to Mailchimp Please contact us for any suggestion or issues at