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- Unite the World of Emoji Characters with a Sword in Your Hand - The world full of living Emoji is nothing like the world where we live. It's dark. It's hot. It's smelly. Life is tough. La vida no es facil allí according to my Spanish teacher. You can't even see 30 meters (100 ft.) ahead of you. If there is something common between theirs and ours, there are dead guys that eat fresh brains in the Emoji World. All you have in this game is a torch in your hand. Guns aren't allowed in the Emoji World. If you see a zombie, just keep running. Don't stop unless you don't mind losing your brain. If you happen to find a hat on the ground, take it and then chase them because you are now Zorro just for a few seconds or longer. I hate games that will take me several minutes to learn how to play. By the time I finish going through the introductory walkthrough, usually, the thrill is gone. By contrast, Emoji World is a simple game that takes just a few seconds to learn how to play. And it'll take just the mouse click to explore the dark dungeon with little light. Explore each floor. Find all tickets to break the seal that prevents you from entering the exit gate. Collect as many coins as you can find so that you can buy upgrade at the end of each level. If you like the first two levels, try the free iOS version (The Emoji World) to finish the rest.