Emojify – Swap words to Emoji

OS X 10.12.2
Swap out words with emoji — all with a simple click. That’s something to smile about. TIME SAVING: Any typed text highlights words in your message with emoji equivalents, allowing you to easily replace the words with emoji by simply clicking on them. This will save you from surfing through the emoji catalog. SYSTEM INTEGRATION WITH TEXT FIELDS: No need to to open Emojify window at all. Simply select the text you have just typed with CMD+A, right click the selection and click "Convert Text to Emoji Text". Alternatively hit CMD+SHIFT+K instead of clicking for instant emojifying. For any custom edit hit CMD+SHIFT+J and Emojify will open with your selected text. MULTI-LANGUAGE RECOGNITION: English, Romanian, Spanish, Norwegian Bokmål, Turkish, Catalan, Greek, Finnish, Swedish, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Hebrew, Danish, Italian, Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Russian, Malay, Thai, Chinese, Portuguese, Croatian, Polish, German. Accessible from preferences. TRAINABLE: Emojify remembers your preferred emoji for a given word. The more frequently you use Emojify the more it learns from you. After few uses the instant emoji text conversion will contain your preferred emojis. UNDO: Don't feel right about the emoji? Replace it back with the original word. Just click the emoji. KEYBOARD ONLY: Forget the mouse or touchpad. Hit CTRL+COMMAND+L to activate emojify window, paste your text and use TAB to switch between orange words (emoji candidates). As soon as you copy your changed text (CMD+A, CMD+C) app will hide automatically and focus is moved to original window. It is that simple.