En-Es Speak It Up

OS X 10.6
Do you learn Spanish or English? Do you want to watch your favorite movies in original language? Do you want to quickly memorize new foreign words? Do not waste your precious time, try Speak It Up! «Speak It Up» is award winning new system for learning Spanish/English from ABC, or improving your linguistic skills. The program contains 2200+ flash cards and covers the most common words, word combinations and sentences. We gave special attention to the pronunciation and emphasized on everyday language. * MEMORY BOOSTER * The program is equipped with special memorizing tool - Memory Booster. It involves well-known ways of words memorizing - force memorizing, word to sound associations and word to word associations. Launch Memory Booster, explore all options and enjoy words memorizing! KEY Functionality * learn in active/passive mode * use your audible and visual memory to learn new words with powerful Memory Booster * change the frequency of flashing cards * set the program working area for the most comfort layout * turn on/off any language audio * prioritize the words * manage the app with system-wide hot keys * full editing control – add, edit or delete any record, and create your own vocabulary * RECORD YOUR OWN SOUNDS * totally customizable look and feel * NATIVE SPEAKER AUDIO (and not computer generated) * powerful search engine * for better memorizing the program window appears on top of your desktop – you learn Spanish/English during all the time you spend behind the computer. * the collection is constantly updated - there is always something new to discover * … and much more! What are the benefits? - You will be able to use the most common 2200+ words and phrases already in several weeks. These 2200+ words and phrases represent the majority of written words used in Spanish/English. - Our hand-picked vocabulary is the cornerstone of every language. It will allow you to communicate with all English and Spanish speaking world. - New foreign words become more and more familiar to you in a very short time. - You will feel and improve your language sense. - You will greatly improve your own pronunciation and will be able to easily recognize spoken foreign language. Enjoy the program and the results!