En-Ru Proverbs

OS X 10.6
“You won’t understand Russian until you learn it more than one way”. - Language Magazine What is «En-Ru Proverbs»? «En-Ru Proverbs» is award winning new system to improve your Russian. The program developed by Russian linguists contains 450 most common Russian proverbs, idioms and sayings with its English analogs. Our hand-picked proverbs are bright, concrete and pithy. They have excessive diverse application in Russian speaking world. From this little bits and pieces of wisdom you are supposed to learn the keystone of Russian language. What are the Benefits of «En-Ru Proverbs»? * The best of the wisdom of generations is specially collected in one source.  * Full access to a huge amount of audio content.  * Improve your language sense. * Feel how easily you have improved your pronunciation * Use the quotes and proverbs in a variety of real world situations.  Each English proverb has its very bright analog in Russian, sounded by a native speaker and not a computer generated voice. There is a tremendous emphasis put on pronunciation. Users could widely use the quotes and proverbs in a variety of real world situations.  KEY Functionality  * learning in active/passive mode * option to change the frequency of showing proverbs * set your program working area for the most comfort layout * sound on/off any language audio * prioritize your proverbs  * totally customizable look and feel * full editing control - edit, record, delete proverbs and create your own vocabulary * NATIVE SPEAKER AUDIO * RECORD YOUR OWN SOUNDS for any proverb * powerful search engine * System wide HOT KEYS * for better memorizing the program window appears on top of your desktop – you learn your favorite proverbs during all the time you spend behind computer.  * the collection is constantly updated ­­­­- there is always something new to discover … and much more!  You will enjoy the program and the results! For improvements and suggestions just leave a comment. - your GoodMoodSoft Team ;-) As Buddhist Proverb goes, ‘When the student is ready, the master appears’.