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Encrypt Photos Pro can easily protect your photos privacy. Use it, encryption and decryption, management, browse and search your photos are so simple. You won't worry about photo privacy any more! The encrypted photos only can be decrypted by Encrypt Photos Pro with your password. This is a photo management and browsing tool, is also a photo to protect tool. Features: ◆ It uses strong Encryption algorithm. ◆ Support for all major image formats. ◆ Manage your photos by photo album. ◆ Import photos through dragging, clicking menu or clicking button. ◆ Easy to encrypt or decrypt photos. ◆ Use password tip to prevent you forget your password. ◆ Browse photos by thumbnail. ◆ View photos by "Open With" menu and "Quick Look" menu. ◆ Quickly search photos. ◆ Remove photos. ◆ Zoom in or zoom out thumbnail. ◆ Hide encrypted photos. ◆ Select or deselect all photos. Create a photo album, simply drag or import your photos into the app, push the encrypt button, enter a password, your photos will be encrypted. It is so simple. To enjoy all features please download it. Note: If you have some problems, please tell me (send an email to billyonng@gmail.com) I will solve these issues as quickly as possible. App Store cannot reply your problem, please send mail to me.