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Encrypter your private file management expert. Encrypter provides fast and convenient encryption-based protection for your private files, therefore ensuring your private data security. 1. AES-256 Encryption Technology Encrypter provides reliable security protection for your business information, videos, e-books, private photos and important files. Typically, you only have to enter the login password to access these data conveniently. Without the password, no other people can access the data or transmit or duplicate the same to other storage devices. 2. Encrypted File High-efficiency Management You may have to create, access or modify various types of private files in your work and life from time to time. Encrypter allows you to search the files according to file type. Meanwhile, many classified catalogs are preconfigured for you to sort out and manage your private files. Of course, you can create your own catalogs as you like. In our secure notes system. You can store any confidential information inside Encrypter without been worried that your data will be compromised. 3. Convenience of Use You only have to drag the file into the program to complete encryption. With the encrypter, you can complete the retrieval and management of private files at any time without starting the main program.