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***** SPECIAL OFFER FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! ORIGINAL PRICE: $24.99 ***** Ephnic Photo Collage is an easy-to-use yet useful digital photo collage making software on Mac. With Ephnic Photo Collage, you can easily drag-n-drop your digital photos into an elegant themed collage template to make your own photo collages. Making photo collages is a great way to show your most-loved photos all together, like a baby's first year, or a birthday party, etc. After a fun vacation or a wonderful event, use digital photo collages to bring your photos to life. ● Simple to use, as easy as 1-2-3 - Just three steps to create photo collage easily. No skills needed - Drag-n-drop with mouse clicks to do everything you want - Preview your masterpiece in real-time - Use Undo/Redo to erase the last change or cancel it ● Choose from 60+ sets of pre-designed collage templates - Well-designed templates for any occasions, like wedding, birthday, holidays and more - Background image, photo frames and clip arts have been packed already - Various layouts for different templates to meet all your needs - Use Shuffle to make your very own photo collages for beloved one ● Personalize your photo collages - Set background of collage to a single color or any image - Duplicate or zoom-in/zoom-out any elements on a collage - Move the layer of any element to get the best result - Add filter for any photos or elements - Set font, color, size for the captions to decorate your collages - Add photo frame, mask effect, clip art to make your collages look vividly ● Publish your masterpiece & share with the world - Set the collage size as you like - Save your collages as JPEG, BMP, PNG image file - Share your creations directly to Facebook or Flickr - Print photo collages to make your own photo book or scrapbooks * Fully compatible with the latest Mac OS X 10.9 App Support: We cannot respond to your comments and feedback on the Mac App Store. If you have got any questions or suggestions for Ephnic Photo Collage, just feel free to let us know via support@ephnic.com. We will get back to you ASAP.