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EpochClock allows you to easily convert unix timestamps from logs and other sources. Copy the converted date to the clipboard with just one click. EpochClock will also convert human readable dates to unix time. Just need to do a quick compare against the current unix time? No problem, EpochClock puts a unix time clock right in the status bar. EpochClock is designed to make converting unix timestamps to a human readable date easier. EpochClock accomplishes this, and in an easy to use way. In fact I use it almost every day. The addition of user notifications and detection or human readable dates has made my life even easier. I hope you all enjoy the app as much as I do. There are a few tunables and features only available in the paid version but core functionality is now free. Features: * Puts the current unix times in the status bar * Detect unix timestamps copied to the clipboard * Detect natural language dates copied to the clipboard * Easily convert from a timestamp to date and date to timestamp. * Get a user notification when a date or timestamp is detected. Use the copy button in the notification to copy the converted timestamp or date! * Easily switch between your 'favorite' timezones. Only UTC and your current timezone are available with the free version. * Clearly shows when a timestamp has been converted or if EpochClock is using the current time * Copy the converted time with the push of a button * When there is not a timestamp to convert the current time is shown for both unix and human readable * Restrict the range of timestamps that get converted (with in-app purchase) * Automatically set EpochClock to start and login, right from within the app! (with in-app purchase)