Epson Label Editor Lite

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[Notice] Need to install the printer driver to use Epson Label Editor Lite. Please visit the support page of your local Epson website and download the driver. [Description] Epson Label Editor Lite, a free downloadable application, allows you to edit and print your labels. Label printing is simple. Just edit label data with the application and then send it to an Epson label printer connected to your Mac computer. A wide variety of Epson LC tapes are available for labels. Simple and clear compact functions allow you to easily create labels. ・Automatic size adjustment based on the amount of text simplifies your layout work. ・A wide variety of symbols can be used. ・The label printer can be used in a network environment*1 to enable the label content to be shared with multiple users. ・QR codes can be printed. ・Various images can also be imported. *1: The model that can be used for networking is the LW-1000P. Connect other models via the USB interface. ・The saved data can be used with the Epson iLabel iOS application. [Supported Models] LW-PX400, LW-PX800, LW-K600, LW-600P, LW-700, LW-900P, LW-1000P, OK600P, OK730, OK900P and OK1000P [Supported OS] OS X 10.7 or late