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Eric’s All-in-1 Solitaire

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If you like solitaire you'll love Eric's All-in-1 Solitaire for your Mac Some of the 5-star reviews: "Eric is back!" "Best Solitaire ever" "Fun and Challenging" "GREAT" The game menus, help and rules are ONLY in English – Sorry about the crazy list of languages shown in the store. It will be fixed in the next update. DESCRIPTION Written by the same Eric that developed the classic Mac solitaire game "Eric's Ultimate Solitaire." You can drag and drop or tap cards to move them. You can even throw the cards with a shove! Easy-to-use, with lots of games, smooth animation and a fantastic user interface. FEATURES - Over 30 of Eric's favorite solitaire variations including Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Golf, Montana and more - Subtle sound effects so you can enjoy your music - Drag and drop cards or throw them! - Playable cards wiggle, darken, or brighten - turn off for a bigger challenge - Unlimited Undo - Retina high resolution display support - Game state saved when interrupted - Smart Autoplay – Plays cards up when its safe - Detailed Statistics - Beautiful art, cool particle effects and a fun user-interface – The game menus, help, rules etc are all in English. I apologize that the App Store listing says otherwise. There is only a very small amount of translated text. Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/sniderware