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*** Related to scanf: scanf works just fine if you add a fflush(stdout); call just prior to calling it. *** Espresso-C is a compiler and learning tool designed to execute code very quickly without the need to use a linker. The C programming language is still today, one of the most popular programming languages in existence. Many popular programming languages today owe their roots to C. Video games, operating systems, popular graphics APIs such as OpenGL, and countless other large-scale code systems have been written in C. Espresso C doesn't require a linker or any frameworks to function! Just write code and click play! The following libraries are pre-linked into Espresso-C and are thus available to your code: - SDL 2.0.2 - SDL2-mixer - SDL2-image - SDL2-ttf - libz - OpenGL - stdlib (standard C library) Espresso-C is a tool designed to run C programs very quickly - without all the hassle of creating projects, and configuring compiler settings. Its purpose is two-fold. First, to serve as a quick scratchpad, to allow programmers to quickly try out an idea without creating a new source file/project and invoking the compiler manually. Second, to serve as a learning tool for newcomers to the C programming language. Learning the C programming language is one of the most beneficial things a computer programming professional can do to enhance his/her understanding of how computer software works, and why the conventions and mechanisms that are in place in higher level languages are the way they are. Jump in!